Rotationally grazed and sustainably raised for nutrient dense proteins.


Our beef is home-raised and hormone-free. As for antibiotics, the only time the animal would ever receive one is if it’s in need and would suffer without it. Here at Split Rock we believe in strong animal welfare and cannot allow anyone to suffer. With having our meat USDA inspected, you can be confident there are absolutely NO antibiotics in the meat you are consuming from us. Our steers graze as long as the MN winters will allow, then we bring them in closer to home and offer feed that was strictly grown right here on the ranch. Having the quality Black Angus/SimAngus genetics and very specific feed program we've designed will help to ensure proper marbling, leaving you sinking your teeth into the perfect, juicy steak as if you're sitting at a 5-star restaurant.

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Our pastured poultry start in a cozy brooding house for this helps ensure they are warm and are protected from the weather until they develop the proper feathers. At roughly three weeks of age, our chickens are moved to the pasture in what we call, "chicken tractors". These are mobile coops that get moved daily. Towards the last couple weeks of life, we'll begin moving them twice a day. We do this to ensure the chickens have a clean bed to rest on, fresh grass to add to their diet, and a new plate of bugs to peck over multiple spots throughout the day. We've found a huge flavor and tenderness difference by raising our chickens in mobile coops. Chickens can't survive on grass and bugs alone, however, so we add an All-Natural, non-medicated grain ration to ensure we are providing the proper nutrients. Our chickens have never received antibiotics. Hormones shouldn't be your worry either as that isn't a practice in the poultry industry.

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Our pasture pigs are sourced from a quality, trusted, and reputable breeder with a high standard for herd health, meat quality, and durability for staying outdoors. We bring them to the farm when they are no longer relying on their mom, they are typically about 30 lbs at this point.

They start out in a "training pen" to meet their fellow pasture mates and learn where their water is etc. After about one week, we can open the gate to the min pasture that they will rotate through for the rest of their lives. They spend their summer months under beautiful oak trees enjoying acorns and a variety of different grasses and Forbes. Along with an all-natural grain mix to be sure we are meeting their nutritional requirements to stay as healthy as possible. We do not use antibiotics or added growth hormones. Allowing the pigs full access to be outside, in sun/shade, pasture, or mud, has proven to bring an incredibly flavorful pork product. Just by looking at the meat, you will notice a darker pink, almost red color to the meat versus the typical, white pork you'd see in the stores

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