A family ranch focused on your health

Split Rock Ranch is a 6th generation family farm & cattle ranch located in Morgan, MN. We rotationally graze our cow/calf herd and pastured poultry to produce high-quality meat for your family to enjoy. We strive to do better every day for you, the animals, and the land. Over the years we have seen a need for not just quality meats right from the farm, but a trusted farmer to whom consumers can ask questions. Split Rock's mission is to produce top-notch proteins and to connect with you, so you can truly see where your food comes from.

From our family to yours

We understand there's a million places to buy meat, and a million label options to sift through . Our goal here at Split Rock is to be your trusted farmer. A place for you to ask questions without feeling bad, a place for you to know how your meat is raised, and a place for you to be confident you are paying for quality products for the health of your family.

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Locally raised, premium proteins

Nutritious beef and chicken from our pastures to your plate! Rotating the animals frequently is a priority at Split Rock. By doing this, it helps allow the pastures to rest and produce higher quality forage for the animals to eat. Higher quality forage equals higher quality meat.

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