Baby Back Ribs, Pork

Baby Back Ribs, Pork

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Our baby back ribs are a cut above the rest. Raised on our beautiful outdoor pastures, our pork is fed a balanced diet of grains which gives it a unique flavor and tenderness that you won't find anywhere else. Our commitment to sustainable and humane farming practices means that our pigs are free to roam and express natural behaviors, resulting in meat that is not only better for you, but also better for the environment. Our baby back ribs are perfect for a family dinner or a summer barbecue with friends. So fire up the grill and enjoy the juicy and succulent flavor of our pasture raised, grain fed pork baby back ribs.


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The same delicious ground beef but pattied in the perfect form, making it even more convenient for those busy nights or packing up the coolers to head to the lake! Each patty is roughly a 1/3 lb burger with 6 patties per package.

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